Retraining the Brain to Heal The Body

Alba Rodriguez, PhD

Chief Scientific Officer

Dr. Rodriguez holds a Doctorate in Psychology with a focus in Cognitive and Neural Sciences and has expertise in wellness, health research, integrative medicine, and education. She has a strong background in creating, successfully implementing, and scientifically evaluating innovative, scalable, marketable and evidence-based health and wellness programs in diverse populations including hospital, insurer, corporate and community settings.

Dr. Rodriguez provides her unique perspective gained from years of experience creating research programs, directing clinical trials, instituting health outcomes tracking and testing integrative approaches to treat pain, stress and illness. For over 12 years she worked with Henry Ford Health System, one of the largest healthcare providers in Michigan, where she served as the Associate Director of the Center for Integrative Wellness. She was instrumental in the establishment of its Center for Integrative Medicine, one of the first hospital-affiliated integrative medicine clinics in the country, where she created research programs and instituted a comprehensive health outcomes tracking program for the Center.

The last 10 years of her work have been focused primarily on the development and testing of award-winning research-based, SFT programs in hospital, corporate and community settings to relieve chronic pain, stress, and stress-related conditions. She is also certified in hypnotherapy and has training in several other integrative and mind-body approaches.

Dr. Rodriguez develops and co-directs clinical trials, testing integrative approaches to treat pain and chronic illnesses. She has conducted research on numerous wellness programs for clients such as Health Alliance Plan, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, Chrysler and Dow Chemical. Her research funded by the Komen Foundation, showing the effectiveness of acupuncture for treating hot flashes in breast cancer survivors, was published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology and received international media coverage.

Dr. Rodriguez is an engaging speaker, committed to education, research, and creating effective and inexpensive integrative approaches to help people achieve optimal health. Her dedication to make wellness available to people regardless of race, culture, or socioeconomic status is evident in her community activities.

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