Retraining the Brain to Heal The Body

Ramon Nuñez, PhD, DAc, Sensei

nunez linkedin picFounder & President

Dr. Ramon Nuñez is the Founder of Somatic Functional Therapy© (SFT). SFT is an educational-therapeutic system that directly addresses the effects of stress and bridges the illusory gap between conventional and non-conventional systems of health and healing. SFT is research-proven and shown effective in clinical trials to resolve chronic pain, reduce stress and improve stress-related conditions.

SFT has evolved over the last 50 years through his study of the Martial Arts, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Movement Reeducation and Integrative Medicine, as well as his clinical and educational expertise. In over 40 years as a healthcare practitioner, Dr. Nuñez has treated over 50,000 patients for pain and illness. As an educator, he has taught at major universities and medical schools and trained hundreds of students and practitioners. A pioneer in the delivery of stress management and wellness programs since the 1970s, Dr. Nuñez brought SFT to Michigan in 2001, where it became a major component of research-proven programs delivered through Henry Ford Health System (HFHS).

SFT has been tested in clinical trials, with thousands of patients in collaboration with HFHS, including a $1,000,000 Health Alliance Plan grant for treatment of chronic low back pain, a Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan project to treat 600 patients, and corporate wellness programs for private industrial clients such as Chrysler and Dow Chemical.

Dr. Nuñez received national recognition for providing electro-acupuncture anesthesia used in conjunction with hypnotherapy instead of general or spinal anesthesia during a surgery for anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction (filmed and shown on Minds of Medicine, November 2002). Awarded the 10th Degree Black Belt as founder of the Yonsei Goju Ryu Karate Do system (1985), he currently resides in Massachusetts where he continues to promote Yonsei Goju Ryu Karate Do.

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