Retraining the Brain to Heal The Body

Conference Presentations

SFT Research Results Presented at National and International Conferences

6th employer Healthcare & Benefits Congress, National Harbor, MD, Sep 2014. “Somatic Functional Therapy: Retraining the Brain to Health the Body”

4th Annual Wellness Rewards Congress, Las Vegas, NV Feb 2012. “Outcomes-Based Wellness Programs at Major US Corporations Reduce Pain, Stress, and Improve Chronic Conditions

21st Annual National Health Benefits Conference & Expo, Clearwater, FL, Jan 2012. “Outcomes-based wellness programs conducted at major corporations reduce pain, stress, and improve chronic conditions”

25th National Conference on Health, Productivity and Human Capital, Boston, MA, Oct 2011. “Research Proven Group Wellness Programs That Improve Employee Health and Increase Performance”

Hospital Wellness Conference, Los Angeles, CA, Aug 2011. “Research-proven Wellness Programs at Henry Ford Health System, a recognized leader in AHA’s “Creating a Culture of Health”

National Wellness Conference, Stevens Point, WI, Jul 2011. “An Interactive Demonstration of Somatic Functional Therapy (SFT): The Scientific Basis, Research and Implications for Wellness”

International Conference on Health, Wellness and Society, Berkeley, CA, Jan 2011. “An Interactive Demonstration of Somatic Functional Therapy: Implications for Enhancing the Effectiveness of Health and Wellness Programs”

Corporate Wellness Conference, Los Angeles, CA, Sep 2010. “Achieving the Most Health-enhancing and Cost-effective Corporate Wellness Programs”

Academy Health Annual Research Meeting, Boston, MA, Jun 2010. “An Integrative Group Wellness Program Concurrently Reduces Pain and Stress, and Improves Stress-Related Chronic Illnesses”